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Mala Tara



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The grounding elixir

Discover the calming essence of White Water Lily tea, a grounding elixir that nurtures your well-being. This exquisite infusion promotes relaxation, soothes the mind, and supports healthy skin. The unique blend of aquatic and floral tasting notes that capture the essence of serene waters. Let the serenity of White Water Lily tea envelop you, restoring balance and tranquility to your daily life.

Our flowers are 100% sustainably harvested from small local farms and are guaranteed by the following standards:

• Organically grown

• Fair trade

• Caffeine free


In The Box 

9 Packets of flower tea

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delicate, floral, mild aroma


Sra Kaew Province, Thailand

Did You Know?

In Southeast Asian culture, water lilies symbols of spiritual awakening, often adorning temples and ponds. These enchanting blooms, integral to regional folklore, are celebrated for bringing tranquility and balance to everyday life.

Brewing Instructions

1. Use 1 flower tea packet for a cup/tea pot. (Each flower tea packet can be brewed 3 times.)
2. Rinse the flower teas with hot water (212ºF) by pouring the hot water over the flowers for 30 seconds and remove the water to cleanse any impurities or natural residues.
3. Steep the flower teas with 8-12 oz hot water (212ºF) for 3-4 minutes for the first brew, then take the flower teas out.
4. Enjoy your flower teas.
5. Steep the flower teas for 5 minutes for the second brew and 7 minutes for the third brew.