Sustainable Sourcing and Eco-Conscious Practices

At Mala Tara, we are committed to sustainable practices and responsible sourcing
to ensure a positive impact on both your well-being and the environment.


We work closely with responsible farmers who share ourvalues, prioritizing sustainable farming methods. By supporting these farmers,we contribute to the preservation of ecosystems and promote biodiversity. Ourflowers are grown without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure andnatural tea experience.


We believe in minimizing our environmental footprint,
which is why all our packaging is either recyclable or compostable. From our tea bags to our boxes, we carefully choose materials that align with our commitment to sustainability. With Mala Tara, you can enjoy your favorite
flower teas while knowing that you are making an eco-conscious choice.


We take pride in our carbon-neutral US delivery service. By offsetting our carbon emissions, we minimize the environmental impact of transporting our products to your doorstep. This ensures that your enjoyment of our teas is not at the expense of the planet.


Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond environmental practices. We strive to create positive social impacts by supporting local communities and fair trade practices. Through our partnerships, we empower farmers and contribute to the well-being of the communities we work with.