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Mala Tara



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The refreshing elixir

Crafted from the delicate blossoms of the coffee plant, this antioxidant-rich tea offers a refreshing alternative for non-coffee drinkers seeking an energizing boost without the edginess of coffee. Indulge in its nuanced flavors, with notes of coffee and caramel dancing on your palate, followed by a velvety finish adorned with hints of vanilla, jasmine, orchid, and oolong. Elevate your tea experience with this delightful infusion and embrace a new way to invigorate your senses.

Our flowers are 100% sustainably harvested from small local farms and are guaranteed by the following standards:

• Organically grown

• Fair trade

• Caffeine free


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9 Packets of flower tea


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caramelized, floral, & sweet


Ranong Province, Thailand

Did You Know?

Though the harvesting of coffee blossoms for tea is a recent practice, it is one that more farmers are increasingly utilizing to make the coffee industry more sustainable. Because coffee plants only bloom once a year before bearing fruit, farmers only have a few days out of the year to harvest coffee blossoms and turn this wonderful coffee byproduct into a unique drink for people to enjoy.

Brewing Instructions

1. Use 1 flower tea packet for a cup/tea pot. (Each flower tea packet can be brewed 3 times.)
2. Rinse the flower teas with hot water (212ºF) by pouring the hot water over the flowers for 30 seconds and remove the water to cleanse any impurities or natural residues.
3. Steep the flower teas with 8-12 oz hot water (212ºF) for 3-4 minutes for the first brew, then take the flower teas out.
4. Enjoy your flower teas.
5. Steep the flower teas for 5 minutes for the second brew and 7 minutes for the third brew.