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The Ultimate Elixir Collection

Discover the transformative power of nature with Mala Tara's curated Flower Tea Set. A selection of four premium flower teas, each encapsulating unique health benefits, flavor profiles, and tales of nature's beauty. Paired with a hand-woven bamboo tea strainer, this collection is an invitation to elevate your daily tea ritual and embark on a sensory journey that touches the soul.

The set includes:

4 Boxes of flower tea + 1 Bamboo tea strainer

1. White Water Lily Tea: The Grounding Elixir
The calming essence of the White Water Lily is designed to nurture your well-being. With each sip, let the unique blend of aquatic and floral tasting notes transport you to serene waters, embracing tranquility in every cup.

2. Red Damask Rose Flower Tea: The Beauty Elixir
Packed with nourishing vitamins and minerals, this floral elixir promises radiant skin, lustrous hair, and a relaxed body. Dive deep into its highly floral taste interlaced with fruity nuances.

3. Chrysanthemum Flower Tea: The Longevity Elixir
Cherished throughout East and Southeast Asia, Chrysanthemum Flower Tea brings forth a blend of light, floral notes with a sweet honeyed aftertaste. Enrich your senses with this tradition-steeped infusion, a beacon of wellness for every tea enthusiast.

4. Coffee Flower Tea: The Refreshing Elixir
Experience an exquisite interplay of flavors with Coffee Flower Tea. Perfect for those seeking a gentle energizing boost without the intensity of coffee. Allow your palate to waltz through notes of coffee, caramel, vanilla, jasmine, orchid, and oolong, concluding with a velvety finish.

Bonus Gift:
Hand-woven Bamboo Tea Strainer Handcrafted by the local communities of Sra Kaew, Thailand, our bamboo tea strainer tells a tale of cherished traditions and cultural heritage. Made from 100% natural bamboo skin, its wider design ensures an optimal release of aroma and flavor. 

Our flowers are 100% sustainably harvested from small local farms and are guaranteed by the following standards:

• Organically grown

• Fair trade

• Caffeine free

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